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Carlos Domínguez presenta la actividad de Cadexport, la consultora que fundó en 2005 especializada en la figura del agente comercial

5 reasons to hire us

  • Personalisation of service: assistance and consultancy throughout the process; we guide companies, helping them to define the fundamental aspects  of the services to be offered, and after introducing the agents to them, we provide support and complement the introduction service with legal advice, management of meeting agenda with agents and accompaniment to said meetings if necessary.

  • We do not sell advertising: we do not sell advertisements to publicise your agency. CADEXPORT goes beyond this, undertaking to introduce you to agents, not to look for them. An advert is just one means to an end which, as well as being rather indiscreet, may often end up as a waste of time and an unreliable method.

  • Transparency: all the agents selected receive extensive information on your company before their candidature is validated and they are put into contact with you.

  • Guarantees: as well as eight years of direct experience in dealing with and selecting agents, and carrying out a great many campaigns, CADEXPORT provides a written guarantee of the suitability of the agents it presents and their interest in the portfolio offered by the company.

  • Diversity of markets: in 2005 we began, by searching for French sales agents for Spanish companies from the construction materials sector. Now, not only do we cover all kinds of production and services sectors, but also the markets have been extended substantially.