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How to manage your relationship with sales agents from your initial contact As those of you who already have experience in this matter will know, how to first approach a sales agent it is no [...]

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Comparison between sales agents and importers These are historically the two big options available for exporters. The figure of the importer, which in the European Union usually involves distributionship, has been the traditional objective of [...]

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Considerations before starting a collaboration with sales agents Reviewing our previous entries, perhaps someone may think that sales agents are the professionals who will solve all the ills and shortcomings of your company. Make no mistake, sales agents will never fix your internal problems or compensate for a poor commercial strategy. Instead, sales agents tend to expose and most probably multiply your current problems. Sales agents are just that: non-salaried intermediaries that sell the products or services of your company. No more no less. They´ll require your commercial support, and more importantly, they need you to supply their clients on the terms agreed. Sales agents are not a consultancy firm advising their Principals on how to do their work. They simply will not take on a responsibility for which they are not paid for, and that is assuming that they have the knowledge to do it. Trying to sell more through sales agents as a way to mask certain internal situations is starting a trip that will lead nowhere with negative consequences. […]

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Why Sales Agents are an effective method to enter foreign markets Following our previous post introducing sales agents as our first article in our blog, let us now look into how sales agents are able to help your company sell in your target market. Their main benefits are the following: LOW COST Sales agents significantly reduce and simplify your cost structure when entering or increasing your presence in foreign markets: – No hiring costs: sales agents are not “hired” as such and no hidden labor costs are to be dealt with. It all goes in their commission! There is a very flexible limitation as to how many agents you can have in one single market allowing your company to have a sales agent network as dense as you require. – Fixed sale costs: agent commissions should be considered fixed selling costs. It’s as simple as adding them to your prices. How to calculate this commission and how to add it to your prices will be explained shortly in another post. – Low agent management costs: once the collaboration between the agent and your company is solid it usually doesn´t require more than a weekly phone call and a few emails. In any case, it depends on how much support and/or control both the agent and your company agree on, so each case should be studied individually. And what about employing a salaried commercial in your target market? Your initial costs even before your employee has set foot in a customer’s door are considerable and not completely known upfront. And it would still be necessary to demonstrate that those sales are profitable. If he/she is not effective or your sales process, your company will take time to know, but meanwhile you will have to continue paying his/her salary and all other costs involved. Are you willing to take on the risk? […]

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Evaluation and general characteristics We are proud to start off the English version of our blog to offer non-Spanish companies useful insights on the figure of sales agents. Sales agents are self-employed and sell on a commission-only basis, which makes them a very useful commercial alternative for companies of any size. Now, let´s start with the basics: What is a sales (commercial) agent? “Sales Agents” are independent professionals who earn a living out of selling someone else´s products or services. Those manufacturers or suppliers are called “Principals”; and agents sell on their behalf to purchasers of those products and services: the agent´s “Clients”. The agent´s income comes from commissions they invoice to their Principals calculated on a percentage of the sales previously paid to the Principal by the Client. Here´s how it looks in a graph: […]

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