CADEXPORT offers comprehensive consultancy services specializing in the search and selection of self-employed commission-based sales agents in various countries since 2005.

Highly qualified, having extensive business contacts and paid exclusively through commissions on sales, sales agents are an attractive form of entry to various markets for all kinds of export companies.

However, to find and attract sales agents towards a new business project is quite complex. A restricted access, fierce competition from local and foreign companies, strong and independent personalities and of course, the obvious language and cultural barriers make it difficult to select the right sales agent.

CADEXPORT possesses a deep knowledge of these professionals and has extensive experience locating and selecting agents in various sectors and countries.

Our differential factor is that we are specialists in sales agents.


Our campaigns are carried out in five phases:

  • We define the profile of the agents in consultation with you through our Brief.
  • We then filter and evaluate our databases to match the profile that you have requested.
  • We personally get in touch with the selected agents, introducing your company, your products or services and your agency proposal.
  • We introduce to you the number of candidates previously agreed upon by sending you their full profile leaving out their contact and personal details.
  • Out of those profiles you select the candidates with whom you want to continue negotiating your agency. CADEXPORT lets you have their name and contact details.

Forget about services that make you wait for results. On average, in six weeks from the beginning of the process, CADEXPORT will start to put you in touch with sales representatives who have been selected in accordance with the profile you requested.

Our guarantee

Our strict selection procedure enables us to ensure that all the agents that
we introduce to you fulfil all these criteria:

  • The agent sells in the channels that you specify.
  • The agent will have expressed interest in the proposal by responding positively to our offer.
  • All agents will have received full information about your company, products or services and agency proposal.

Benefits for your company

  • We will put you in direct contact with commission-only sales agents who have previously confirmed their interest in your company’s offer and who have capacity to sell your products or services to ensure the most favourable environment to close a deal.
  • You are able to apply a triple filter: define the agent’s profile, how many you want us to introduce to you and finally you have the choice to take on only those that best suit your needs and interests out of all the candidates.
  • CADEXPORT takes on your company´s challenge: we charge a small introduction fee per profile at the beginning of the campaign. We then charge a selection fee for every candidate you decide to select at the end of the process. Should you not take on any candidates there are no further charges to you at all.

Limitations of the service

CADEXPORT filters and selects the candidates on the basis of the channels (clients they call on to) and the geographical areas in which they operate according to the information provided by you in your Brief.

We do not filter using any other criteria.

If subsequent negotiations between you and the agents you have taken on fail for any reason not related to our filtering as mentioned in the previous paragraph our company will not bear responsibility and does not offer any compensation. Note that this is an agent introduction service; it is not a full agent recruitment service. We do not guarantee that all introductions will result in hiring, nor do we have control over the actions or decisions of the validated sales agents.

The information we provide on the selected agents are: name, email, tele­phone number/s, address, the markets to which they have access to, prod­ucts/services they currently sell and the geographical area they cover.

Additional services

Throughout the agents search process you can additionally hire any of these services:

  • Management of meetings agenda with agents; both at your office premises as well as in the country where the agents sell.
  • Support for the duration of your agenda (business advisory and inter­pretation services)
  • Legal advice; we will provide you a specific sales agency contract adapted to the current legislation in the destination market and advise you on the relevant legal aspects.

How to hire our services?

  • Ask for our Brief and fill it up. It will enable us to get to know more about your company and the type of agent you are searching in order to assist you throughout the entire campaign.
  • CADEXPORT initially sets a fee for the agents that we introduce to you. Once you have selected the agents with whom you definitely want to establish contact, we charge a selection fee for each candidate. If no can­didates are selected there is no charge.

Contact us to learn more about how sales agents can benefit your company and how we can help you with our services.

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